The objective of the project is to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly road infrastructure by developing an integrated methodology for improved control of road transport CO2-emissions through management of pavement surface characteristics. The methodology will be implemented in road asset management systems to optimize the reduction of the part of vehicle CO2-emission related to road pavement conditions.

The optimization of pavement quality and condition in relation to CO2-emission and energy use supports the sustainable road transport issues in relation to environmental impact and will result in better quality of life for society in general.

MIRIAM subprojects

SP1Measurement methods
SP2 Investigate influence of pavement characteristics on energy efficiency
SP3 Investigate importance of Rolling Resistance on efficiency within LCA framework.
(This workshop is a part of the SP3 work plan.)
SP4 External funding and raising awareness
SP5 Constraints / Requirements to implementation

For further information about the project contact Mr. Bjarne Schmidt (bjs@vd.dk) or visit miriam-co2.net.